Eastern Washington University


I’m the epitome of the accidental web developer. 

In college I majored in journalism and philosophy but was required to take a course called Introduction to Computers in order to graduate.  I was sold and the rest is history.  That was back in 1996 at age 29.  Yea, I’m a late bloomer.

Though I continued on as a starving graduate student in web technology I got tired of starving and took a job at Sacred Heart Medical Center as their first webmaster (when there was such a thing).  I was on cloud 9 writing HTML4 and tables, lots of tables.  Shortly thereafter I married a wonderful woman and we had some kids.  I am on cloud 9+.

Now, over 20 years in on web technology, I still relish the fact that I’m able to get up everyday and get paid to be a creative problem solver.  After serving in a myriad of capacities in the field of higher ed IT, I’ve worked almost exclusively in WordPress design, development & administration since 2009 and cloud infrastructure design on both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services since 2016 at Eastern Washington University.

When I’m not workin it at my day gig for EWU or moonlighting as a consultant, I like to explore the great Pacific Northwest with my family & friends.